About Class 4

Class 4 

Welcome to Year 4.

Mrs Wood, Mrs Medlin, and Mrs Stevens warmly welcome you into Class 4.

As a class team, we are always supporting each other to strive to ‘Be the best we can be’. In year 4 all kinds of exciting learning takes place, covering subjects such as Anglo- Saxons and Vikings, alongside digestion and electricity. Class 4 always learn about Cornwall and mining, as well as the local heritage of our lovely village Mylor Bridge. Not forgetting maths- where Mrs Wood loves to focus on times tables, often to a song and a dance! English continues to build on learning from year 3. Examples of what the children will be writing are diaries, defeating a monster stories, adventure stories and persuasive writing about the rainforest.

In year 4 we pride ourselves on working alongside our community to support our learning. We are very lucky to be located in a beautiful village. Class 4 works closely with the community garden, the local history group and we are often seen on the playing fields for our physical activities. One of the trips we always look forward to, is the St Piran’s day parade in March. Everyone wears colours of the St Piran's flag and we dance around Falmouth with a vengeance!

What to expect in Year 4

Year 4 is a special year group where the children continue to take more control of their own learning  and continue to develop Resilience, resourcefulness, Relationships and Reflection skills. 

We provide opportunities for children to develop their own skills but, more importantly, there is the chance for children to develop their collaborative skills to become strong team members who are able to support each other in their learning .



Please encourage your child to read aloud to an adult, as well as start to read independently. Your child will bring home reading books, or they can read books you have at home.

Children should be encouraged to talk to adults about the books they are reading; discuss reading choices and features of the book. It is also great to read books by the same author and compare the similarities and differences. 


Spelling are sent home every week and there is a weekly spelling test to check that children have learned these spellings.


In Year 4 from 2020 children will complete a Multiplication Tables Check - set by the DFE. This check is used to assess how many children know and have quick recall of multiplication facts to 12x12. In order to ensure that children are ready for this check, we use the 99 Club and Timetable Rockstars to challenge the children and hone these skills. 

See https://ttrockstars.com for further chances to practise. 
Autumn Term in Class 4
In Autumn Term, we learn all about:
History: Anglo- Saxons and the Mystery of Sutton Hoo.
Science: Digestive system and electricity
Music: 1970's pop music!
DT: Seasonal biscuits Seasonal food - visiting our community garden, harvesting and cooking vegetables.
Art: Still life observations and ways to add texture
Computing: online safety and coding
Geography: Comparative study - Scandinavia
RE: What is the Holy Trinity and What do Hindus believe God is like? 
PSHE: Being me and Celebrating Difference
Below are some knowledge organisers to help understand the learning that will be taking place.
Spring Term
In Spring Term we learn all about:
Geography: Our local area and compare to contrasting locality in UK
History: Cornish tin mining.
Science: States of matter and Sound
DT: Torches
Art: Barbara Hepworth and sculpture
PSHE: Dreams and Goals/ Healthy me
RE: What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? Holy Week and why do Christians call the day Jesus died 'Good Friday'?
Music: 'Stop' and Lean on Me.
Computing; Spreadsheets and safe/effective internet searching 
Summer Term
In summer term, we learn about:
Science- sound
Geography- rainforests
Art- sculpture
PSHE- healthy me
RE: What was the impact of Pentecost on Christians?
Music- soul music with Lean on Me by Bill Withers
Computing- using digital resources to make music
French: Names of shops