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Please find below the welcome letter for the new year:
Class 6 Information
Class 6 is the final class at Mylor Bridge School. Currently, we have 20 children in Class 6 and they are taught by Mr Collinge and Mr Wilcox. With Year 6 SATs at the end of the year, the children spend a lot of time honing their arithmetic skills, working on their reasoning and problem solving in Maths, mastering tone and utilising the SPAG techniques they have learnt in their writing.
What to expect in Year 6
Year 6 children take on more responsibility than ever before. As the oldest children in the school, they organise and arrange different events throughout the school year. They make amazing role models for the younger members of our school community and they leave the school in July excited and ready for their journey to secondary school in September.


Our Maths lessons incorporate the four 'big ideas' of Maths - fluency, variation, mathematical thinking and different representations and structures. By showing the children a variety of ways that problems and questions can be presented, this equips them with the tools they need to find solutions. 

Each Maths lesson begins with a Fluency Five session - 5 questions based around the current focus in lessons or 5 arithmetic style questions to revise for their end of year SATs. The children are offered the opportunity to experiment and conjecture theories within what we are learning. This can be a statement that can be proved always, sometimes or never true or leading them to find a generalisation. For example, one of the generalisations we have found this year is that the difference between each subsequent square number is the odd numbers going up in order. 

Within this, we are building coherence between all that we do in Maths to best prepare our children for their transition into secondary school.


Autumn Term - Book foci: The Colour of Hope by Ross Mackenzie and Holes by Louis Sachar

Genres: narratives, biographies, descriptive writing

Spring Term - Book foci: When Life Gives You Mangoes by Kereen Getten and Boy, Everywhere by A. M. Dassu

Genres: newspaper reports to discuss, comparative essays, explanation texts, campaigns

Summer Term - Book foci: When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle and Can You See Me? by Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

Genres: narratives, descriptive writing, advertisements, war inspired poetry


In Year 6, we expect the children to read a minimum of 60 pages per week. The diaries are checked by Mr Collinge and Mr Wilcox on a weekly basis to monitor reading. Please ensure that if you read with your child you sign the diary to say you have done so.

We use the AR (Accelerated Reader) scheme to allow the children to quiz their books after reading. These quizzes showcase their understanding and help us to ensure the children are reading an appropriate level book.

For some inspiring book choices, please follow this link:



Spellings are sent home weekly and are tested on Fridays. The children are given the opportunity to practise their spellings every morning during registration as well as timetabled time during the week.

Autumn Overview

Science - Evolution and Inheritance/Light
History - Ancient Egypt - which kingdom left the most impressive legacy?
Geography - The Voyage of the Beagle - How have the Galápagos Islands changed over time?
Art - Photography/Chiaroscuro
DT - Automata Toys/Textiles (wooly hats)
RE - Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complimentary?/Why do some people believe in God and not others?

Spring Overview

Science - Electricity/Animals including Humans (circulatory system)
History - Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th Century - How did the leisure time of people in the 20th century change?
Geography - Natural Disasters

Art - Still Life
DT - Steady Hand Games/Food Technology 
RE - Why do Hindus want to be good?/What did Jesus do to save people?

Summer Overview

Science - Classification 
History - World War II - What started the Second World War? How did it end?
Geography - Rivers and Dams - How do rivers around the compare to our local rivers?
Art - Art and Design Skills
DT - Structure (rollercoasters)
RE - What kind of a king was Jesus?/How do people keep faith in challenging times?