Autumn Year B Knowledge Organisers

Our Classes

Hello from Class 1!
The first half of the Autumn term is always a VERY exciting one for Class 1...not only are we welcoming back some familiar  faces who are now our YEAR 1 children, we are also welcoming 20 new children to our Reception cohort!
We are very much looking forward to getting to know our lovely new Reception children, finding out about their interests, their families and helping them to make lots of new friends.
During this half term Reception children will learn the daily routines of the classroom, the class expectations and how we learn and co-operate together.
We will start learning phonics, more information will come home about this as the half term progresses.
Year 1 children will have a new routine, learning to work in the Year 1 area of the classroom, leaving the classroom for phonics, maths input and having Year 1 science lessons.
Class 1 year 1 will also be taking part in Forest school on Monday afternoons.
This half terms topic is 'Me, myself and I', our children will focus on themselves, the people who are important to them, the school and local community. 
Below is more information about our curriculum this half term.
We will focus on traditional stories and poems. We will use Talk for writing to learn a story, to think about characters and events, then create new versions of a story.
Year 1 will be learning to sort objects, count accurately, and become confident adding, subtracting and ordering numbers to 10.
Reception children will be learning about numbers to 10, they will become familiar with finding out more about each number, how these numbers can be represented and made.
In the first half of the term, we will be looking at Everyday materials and their properties, such as, wood, plastic, glass, water, metal and rock. Children will learn to identify and name everyday materials and will have the opportunity to explore the properties of these materials. Children will also carry out a simple investigation to help them decide which material would be most suitable to use for an umbrella. 
In the second half of the term, we will be looking seasons, focusing on Autumn and Winter. We will be learning what the word weather means and find out how different types of weather can be measured. Children will use a class weather station to observe measure and record the weather across the seasons. We will also observe changes across the seasons by exploring the signs of autumn and winter through nature and wildlife. Children also work scientifically by collecting, recording and interpreting simple data.
We will be exploring three of the formal elements of art: shape, line and colour. Children will mix and paint with secondary colours; use circles to create abstract compositions and work collaboratively to create a class piece of art inspired by water.
We will also be taking part in lots of Christmas art activities.
We will be learning about where we live. We will learn about the United Kingdom, and about our village. We will create maps and learn about the physical and human features of where we live.
In PSHEE we will be working in our separate year groups. Our topic is called Being me. We will discuss what makes us special/ unique. How our actions can affect ourselves and others and how working together we can be an amazing team!
PE -  In PE we will be looking at moving safely and following instructions carefully. We will explore different ways of moving and learn to control how we move our bodies.
Music - We will learn how to find the pulse in a piece of music. We will explore high and low pitched sounds and explore rhythm.
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