Summer Year A 2nd Half term learning and knowledge organisers

Our Classes

Summer Term 2 Year A
In Maths we will continue to work on addition and subtraction methods within 20.
We will then focus on Place value within 50. We will be counting from a given number forwards and backwards. 
Partitioning, making numbers and comparing, using greater than and less than.
We will continue to work on phonics every morning. 
This half term we will learn about Judaism, what it means to be Jewish and Jewish celebrations.
Changing me
We will learn about life cycles, our bodies and how they change, and learning and growing.
Historic Cornwall
This half term we will focus on the wonderful county that we live in. We will explore myths, legends, our mining and fishing industries and why Richard Trevithick is so important.
We will focus on co-ordination skills such as sending and receiving. We will practise agility skills learning reaction and response.
Reflect, rewind, replay.
We will look at what we have learnt this year in music lessons. The music that we like/ dislike and explain reasons. We will identify the pulse and rhythm and practise the songs that we have learnt.