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Welcome to the Music page!
Below you will see our Music Policy and Statement of Intent. Beneath this, you can find our Knowledge Organisers with an overview of what each year group gets up to across the academic year. We will also upload photographs and videos from our performances throughout the year. 
Music Statement of Intent
At Mylor Bridge School, we understand how pivotal music can be in a child’s development. Due to this, we ensure that Music as a subject is treated with importance and delivered regularly as part of our normal practice. Our main intent at Mylor Bridge School is to build a Music curriculum that develops learning and promotes a love of Music. Implementation In order to achieve this intent, we ensure that we:
- Encourage children to appreciate, compose, record and perform music
- Ensure all children are given the opportunity to excel in Music
- Music is taught by the class teacher regularly throughout the academic year
- Teachers to feel confident in delivering Music lessons with our scheme (Charanga)
- Music is to be assessed during lessons and after performances/completion of units.
The impacts of this will be children will achieve age related expectations by the end of their year. Children will be able to retain and build on their prior knowledge as they move through the school. By emphasising the importance of Music, all children will have the opportunity to learn and multiple chances to perform for audiences. Our teaching of Music may uncover some children who have a flair or interest in learning an instrument that they might not have realised otherwise.