Summer Year A 1st half Learning and Knowledge organisers

Our Classes

In the first half of the Summer term we will be learning:
The Queen's Hat - Fiction writing (Story with predictable and patterned language)
Newspaper Reports - The Queen/ Platinum Jubilee
Maths - Reception will begin consolidation of numbers to 10, they will then move on to learning about numbers to 20.
Year 1 - Will be working with numbers to 50. Learn to reason and problem solve using number bonds to 10. Partition numbers and recognise odd and evens.
Science - this half term we will be learning about plants. We will look at what plants need to grow well and plant our own beans. We will complete a bean diary so we can track and measure our beans as they grow.
Reception - the children in Reception children are also looking at how plants grow and what they need to grow well. They are planting seeds and blubs in our outdoor area and looking after them. 
Art and Design
History -   This half term we will be learning about 'Famous Queens'. We will learn about what the monarchy is. We will learn about Queen Elizabeth I, The Tudors, Queen Victoria, The Victorians and Queen Elizabeth II . We will compare the Queens and talk about the impact they had. We will also be looking forward to the Queen's platinum jubilee!
Music - 'Your Imagination'. We will Listen and appraise 6 different songs about imaginations. We will complete musical activities, listening for pulse and rhythm and we will learn to perform a song.
PE - Year 1 will continue with forest school on Wednesday afternoons for another......weeks. Reception children will be focussing on dynamic and static balance. We will name some things that we are good at and follow simple instructions and rules.
RE - We will be finding out 'Who is Jewish and how do they live?' We will learn about Shabbat, Channukah and think about why these occasions are celebrated.
PSHE -  We will be learning about relationships. We will look at how important our families and friends are. How to greet people. Recognise our own qualities and learn how to show respect.