What are Learning Powers ?

Our Curriculum

Learning Powers
Building Learning Powers  (BLP) 
Is an approach which we have adopted at Mylor bridge School. It allows children to understand how they learn, what inhibits their learning and how to overcome these difficulties. 

What is BLP?
•BLP is Building Learning Power
•Helping children to become more effective and independent learners
•There are four elements
•Reciprocity/ Relationships


•Questioning – Getting below the surface; being curious.
•Making Links – seeking coherence, relevance and meaning.
•Imagining – Using the mind’s eye as a learning theatre.
•Reasoning – thinking rigorously and methodically.
•Capitalising – making good use of resources.


•Absorption – The pleasure of being rapt in learning….awe and wonder!
•Managing Distractions – recognising and reducing interruptions.
•Noticing – really sensing what’s out there.
•Perseverance – stickability; tolerating the feelings of learning.


•Planning – working learning out in advance
•Revising – monitoring and adapting along the way.
•Distilling – drawing out the lessons from experience
•Meta - learning – understanding learning and yourself as a learner.


Reciprocity - which we call Relationships. 
•Interdependence – balancing self-reliance and sociability.
•Collaboration – the skills of learning with each other.
•Empathy and listening – getting inside others’ minds.
•Imitation – picking up others’ habits and values