Metacognition at Mylor

Our Curriculum

Metacognition at Mylor
At Mylor Bridge School, we encourage and demonstrate the use of metacognitive strategies to help our learners maximise their outcomes in all subjects. 
The main three primary metacognitive skills are being able to plan effectively for tasks, monitor ongoing progress and evaluate the outcomes. These are displayed in each classroom for the children to use as they are completing their work. 
Metacognition at Mylor Display
Metacognition Week
Upon returning to school, the children in each class completed a variety of activities that allowed them to use metacognitive skills. The children were using the question prompts as well as creating questions of their own to plan, monitor and evaluate their own learning. 
PME Grids
Children use these in Geography, History, RE and Science to plan what they would like to find out during a unit of learning. They can be used to monitor their learning and evaluate how their understanding has developed over the course of a series of lessons.